Ineligible expense type
There are certain types of expenses that aren't eligible for reimbursement per the IRS rules and regulations. These include medications and services that aren't considered medically necessary. From your Personal Dashboard, you can search expenses by clicking See What's Eligible. This page provides eligibility information and will show if a note from your doctor is required.

Duplicate expense
You can check to see if your expense was already verified through another request on your Home page or Dashboard by expanding the Reimbursement Requests section.

Outside your dates of eligibility
You're eligible to receive reimbursements for expenses that were incurred after your PeopleKeep start date. Services provided and items purchased before your PeopleKeep start date aren't able to be reimbursed because the expense was incurred prior to your eligibility in the benefit. 

If these common reasons don't seem to match your expense, feel free to email us at We'd be happy to look over your request and give you more details 

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