Use your benefit allowance to cover expenses as they come up. Many over-the-counter items are eligible, but some will need a prescription or a note from your doctor as supporting documentation. Generally, medications that are swallowed or absorbed through the skin will always need a note.

The note needs to be from a licensed medical practitioner and needs to state they recommend the item you purchased and what that item is treating.

Example: "Take iron supplements to treat your anemia." — Dr. John Doe

From your Personal Dashboard, click See What's Eligible to search for your expense. This page provides eligibility information and will show if a note from your doctor is required.

Your PeopleKeep account will also let you know what's needed while you're adding in the expense.

Along with the note from your doctor, you'll need a detailed receipt showing:

  • Date of purchase
  • Description(s) of items purchased
  • Amount charged

Once your expense is submitted, your documentation will be sent off for a quick review, and you can expect a response within one to two business days. 

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