You may save up to 35 percent in taxes through PeopleKeep. In order to receive the tax-free reimbursements for your eligible policy, the IRS requires supporting documentation verifying your coverage and premium amount.

Documentation requirements

For PeopleKeep to verify your policy, your documents need to show these three things:

1) Type of health insurance

Your document(s) should show what type of coverage your policy provides, such as medical, dental, or vision insurance. 

2) This year's coverage effective date

Your document needs to confirm that your coverage was active on or before your reimbursement benefit eligibility in the current year.

3) Amount billed 

Your documentation needs to clearly state what was billed for the period you're requesting.

Keep in mind that a receipt indicates what you paid, which may not be the billed amount.

What documents will show these things?

Here are a few examples of documents that generally work:

  • A payment history combined with your insurance card
  • An invoice for the first month you'd like to have reimbursed¬†
  • Your completed insurance application
  • A detailed enrollment confirmation

When it comes time to submit, attach the documentation you have that shows these three things. We'll email you to let you know when we've verified your reimbursement request or if we need additional documents.

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